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In detail, the main benefits that Yacon can have on human health.

It makes you lose weight
Several experiments have shown how prolonged intake of Yacòn can help people suffering from obesity to lose weight more easily and without particular changes its own  diet or exercise. In particular, this food performs a particularly effective action if it is taken before eating: by this way, in fact, it helps to reduce the sensation of appetite and consequently reduces the portion size.
Furthermore, it significantly limits the hunger attacks (even the nervous one) that occur  from main meals. It is important to point out that Yacòn can only help you lose weight by promoting certain changes to your diet: for this reason, when combined with regular exercise, the results can be achieved much faster.

Suppresses your appetite
Blood glucose peaks are generally followed by a collapse, which causes the classic stomach bites that cause people to throw themselves on high-calorie snacks. The oligofructose present in Yacon interrupts this wave pattern and, therefore, considerably limits the appetite. Furthermore, the levels of a hormone, ghrelin, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger, are normalized. Finally, the high presence of dietary fiber allows the sensation of satiety to be intensified.

Normalizes glucose levels
Traditional sugars tend to cause high spikes in blood glucose levels which, in the long run, can cause serious health problems such as type II diabetes. Yacon root is very rich in oligofructose, a complex carbohydrate that is difficult to digest by the digestive system. This substance is an excellent natural sweetener, but it is not absorbed by the body (for this reason the Yacon is low in calories) and does not cause the dangerous and rapid rise in blood sugar. One of the main consequences is the lowering of insulin levels and, therefore, the reduction of the risk of getting type II diabetes.

Help  intestine
Yacon contains a large amounts of dietary fiber, essential for promoting the correct transit of the bolus through the digestive tract and therefore a more efficient digestion. Furthermore, oligofructose is a probiotic, that's mean a food that is not absorbed by our body but ferments, favoring the proliferation of intestinal bacterial flora, which is essential for health. By this way, in fact, the Yacon also fights against constipation and colon infections. The main result is the improvement of the absorption of nutrients (minerals and vitamins in particular) present in foods.

Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels
According to some studies, the oligofructose present in Yacon is able to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol (the molecule responsible for the formation of fibrous plaques on the arteries) and triglycerides in the blood. By this way, not only is the liver protected from the accumulation of fat and it can properly function, it also help the health of cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of obstructions to the circulation and therefore of heart attack and stroke.

Strengthens the immune system
Yacon is extremely rich of antioxidants, polyphenols, which support the action of the immune system against external agents. In particular, the consumption of this food reduces the healing time for infections and provides the body with greater protection against free radicals, molecules responsible for premature aging of the body (and consequently the appearance of various diseases related to age, like cancer).

Strengthens the skeleton
The oligofructose present in  Yacon helps the intestine to absorb some minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus more easily and effectively. These substances are fundamental for the health of the skeletal system and, therefore, allows not only to strengthen of bones but make them more resistant against possible lesions (the speech also applies to the teeth), but also to prevent some diseases related to the aging, like osteoporosis.

Stimulates diuresis
Yacon has diuretic properties known to local populations already in antiquity. In particular, this food favors a more frequent urination and consequently limits the risk of some kidney problems such as inflammation and kidney stones, as well as helping the body to eliminate toxins more effectively.

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